How Do I?

Share a video file with my instructor?

Using Google Drive - Computer

Using Google Drive - Mobile Device

Start a Google Meet?

From the Google Meet Website

From Google Calendar

Join a Google Meet?

From Your Computer

Main Google Meet Options

GoogleMeet Options
  1. Click here to view the joining info for the Google Meet.
  2. Control your audio and video with these buttons. The microphone and camera icons will toggle your audio and video on and off. It is good practice to stay muted in a video call when not speaking. The middle button ends the Google Meet.
  3. This turns live captioning on and off. This is visible only to you. This is Google's best attempt at live captioning and is not 100% accurate.
  4. Click this button to show your screen to the other people in the Google Meet (instructions). You can choose between one window on your computer (like a single document or webpage) or your entire screen. You may need to grant Google Chrome access the first time you use this option.
  5. The people icon shows you a list of the participants currently in the Google Meet. You can add people from here. You can also mute them. The chat bubble opens a group chat with all the participants. This can be helpful for asking questions.
More Google Meet Settings

Additional Google Meet settings can be accessed by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen. 



From Your Mobile Device

Share video files with my students?

You can find instructions for how students can share video files with instructors at and they work just as well for instructors. However, you can also create a folder with the proper sharing settings so that it is easy to upload files, grab the sharing link, and link in Moodle.

A friendly reminder, please default to storing as much of the large video files in your Google Drive account as possible at this time.

That's really it. However, you can watch a helpful video as well to see it in action!

Get help from the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is available most evenings while school is in session. Check out the Writing Center web page for specific information.

Use Google Meet to Record a Presentation?

Google Meet can be used by yourself or with a group to record a presentation. The recording is automatically saved to your Google Drive and you can share the link to it on Moodle.



Open a Word Document in Google Docs?

Your professors might share documents in Word for you to complete. If you do not have Word on your computer, you can still edit Word documents using your MLC Google account with Google Docs.