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How Do I?

How Do I?

Share a video file with my instructor?

Using Google Drive - Computer

Using Google Drive - Mobile Device

How Do I?

Start a Google Meet?

From the Google Meet Website

From Google Calendar

How Do I?

Join a Google Meet?

From Your Computer

Main Google Meet Options

GoogleMeet Options
  1. Click here to view the joining info for the Google Meet.
  2. Control your audio and video with these buttons. The microphone and camera icons will toggle your audio and video on and off. It is good practice to stay muted in a video call when not speaking. The middle button ends the Google Meet.
  3. This turns live captioning on and off. This is visible only to you. This is Google's best attempt at live captioning and is not 100% accurate.
  4. Click this button to show your screen to the other people in the Google Meet (instructions). You can choose between one window on your computer (like a single document or webpage) or your entire screen. You may need to grant Google Chrome access the first time you use this option.
  5. The people icon shows you a list of the participants currently in the Google Meet. You can add people from here. You can also mute them. The chat bubble opens a group chat with all the participants. This can be helpful for asking questions.
More Google Meet Settings

Additional Google Meet settings can be accessed by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen. 



From Your Mobile Device

How Do I?

Share video files with my students?

You can find instructions for how students can share video files with instructors at and they work just as well for instructors. However, you can also create a folder with the proper sharing settings so that it is easy to upload files, grab the sharing link, and link in Moodle.

A friendly reminder, please default to storing as much of the large video files in your Google Drive account as possible at this time.

That's really it. However, you can watch a helpful video as well to see it in action!

How Do I?

Get help from the Writing Center?

A writing coach will be available Sun-Thurs evenings from 8-10 PM Central Daylight Time at this Google Meet link: Similar to our on-campus sessions, if another student is already working with the on-call coach, a visitor may be asked to return later in the evening.

Student writers who cannot visit during that regularly scheduled window are invited to contact this spring's coaches to arrange times/dates for other individual digital appointments as coaches' schedules permit:
Joey Behm -
Austin Claflin -
Leni Mueller -
Cassie Rose -   
Daniel Waterstradt -
How Do I?

Use Google Meet to Record a Presentation?

Google Meet can be used by yourself or with a group to record a presentation. The recording is automatically saved to your Google Drive and you can share the link to it on Moodle.



How Do I?

Open a Word Document in Google Docs?

Your professors might share documents in Word for you to complete. If you do not have Word on your computer, you can still edit Word documents using your MLC Google account with Google Docs.


New to Online Learning

New to Online Learning

Suggestions for Succeeding in an Online Learning Environment


To many students, "online" is synonymous with "I can do this whenever I want."  That is true to only a very limited degree.  There are still due dates to meet and schedules to keep. There are still many demands on your time.

Many associate  "online" with "easier."  Absolutely not true!  Distance learning requires a great deal of effort and concentration.  You don't have an instructor readily at hand to answer questions immediately.  You don't have classmates to run something by.  It's up to you to know "what you know" and, more importantly, "what you don't know".  It's up to you to use your resources to address "what you don't know."

Some may associate "online" with "I'm on my own."  Absolutely not true.  You have a network of people with whom you can communicate.  Your professor is still available.  You have classmates, tutors, and IT Services available for support.  In addition, you may be required to attend live sessions or work on group projects.

Time Management

This aspect of online learning is absolutely critical, and it can't be overstated.  If procrastination is detrimental in face-to-face courses, it is lethal in an online course.  You will have multiple courses to manage.  Each one carries due dates and deadlines.  Different courses may require live sessions or group work.   These demands require careful scheduling.  

Procrastination is incredibly easy in online courses.  All you have to do is walk away from the computer, and there is nothing to bother you.  Once things start piling up, discouragement sets in, often followed by resignation.  Don't let this be you!

Set up a regular schedule for completing work.  Set up a regular space for online work.  This time and space must be free of distractions.  Get away from the TV.  Put the phone away.  Time spent does not always mean productivity.  This requires planning and discipline. It must become a habit. 


Your instructors assemble and provide resources to help you succeed.  Screencasts, tutorials, help sessions, question and answer forums, and web links are all there to assist you.  They are available for a reason.  Make use of them!

Technology and Tools

At first, getting used to different technologies and tools can be discouraging.  Credentials to manage, URLs to keep straight.  Understanding the features and functions.  All these can be daunting.  Look for support.  MLC has this portal specifically for you to use if you get stuck.  This help portal is searchable - type in some keywords and you're off.  

There are additional helps.  Most tools have a "Help" link or a "FAQ" (frequently asked questions) link.  You can post a question to the advisor.  You must rely more on your own resources and initiative when courses are online.

The Good News

In spite of the challenges, there is good news.  You can succeed in an online experience.  Online experiences do offer some advantages.  You have more freedom in prioritizing your time. You can concentrate your efforts where needed, instead of sitting in a classroom.  You can move at your own pace, within reason. 

Finally, be assured that the Lord will bless your efforts.  Those efforts are not always as visible to others, but they do bear fruit. God's blessings to you!

New to Online Learning

Setting Up Moodle

Setting Up Your Dashboard

Update Your Profile

Set Your Timezone

When you are working at home, it is very important that you set your timezone if you are outside of the Central Time Zone.  If due dates are time-sensitive, being off by two or three hours can be significant.  Steps:

1. Log in to Moodle and start at your dashboard.

2. In the upper-right corner, locate the area where your profile picture appears.  Use the drop-down arrow to find the menu:


3. Select "Profile"

4. From the next page, click on "Edit Profile."


5. On the next page, scroll down to find the Time Zone selector.  Select your Time Zone.


New to Online Learning

Organize Your Email Inbox

This video shows you how to have GMail automatically label messages based on rules.  I recommend that you set up a filter and label for each course so you don't miss an important message.

New to Online Learning

Moodle Mobile App

If your family is limited as to the number of devices available, or you would like to be more portable, Moodle offers a mobile app that allows for most of the utilities that the web portal offers. Follow this link for more information.

Graduate Writing Resources

Graduate Writing Resources

APA Formatting

MS Graduate students are expected to follow APA Manual (7th Edition) in formal writing, and follow the MLC Form and Style Sheet.  Below are some sites to assist you with citations and APA style.

This information is for students in the MLC Graduate program. Undergraduate students should check with their course instructors for citation and formatting guidelines.

Graduate Writing Resources

Society of Biblical Literature Formatting

MATS Graduate students are expected to follow the Society of Biblical Literature Handbook of Style in formal writing, and follow the MLC Form and Style Sheet.  Below are some sites to assist you with citations and formatting.

This information is for students in the MLC Graduate program. Undergraduate students should check with their course instructors for citation and formatting guidelines.

Graduate Writing Resources

Citation Tools

Graduate Writing Resources


MLC has purchased a site license for Grammarly Premium. Some of you may be using the free version, but Premium offers some advanced options. This tool is to be considered as a resource primarily for writers as they compose and edit their writing, whether academic or professional. 

To log in, follow these directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Provide your name, your email, and email password.
  3. Check your inbox for the email and click on the activation link. (If you have the free version, log in at this location and follow the directions — including the email activation link.