Open a Word Document in Google Docs?

Your professors might share documents in Word for you to complete. If you do not have Word on your computer, you can still edit Word documents using your MLC Google account with Google Docs.

  • Download the Word document to your computer by clicking on it in your Moodle course.
  • Open up your Google Drive by going to
  • Check that you're in your MLC account by looking for the MLC logo next to your profile picture in the upper right corner. If you're not, click on your profile picture, choose Add another account and sign in with your MLC email address and password.
  • In Google Drive, click the New button in the top left corner and choose File upload.
  • Locate the Word document on your computer and click Open.
  • The Word document will be saved in your Google Drive. Now you can open it with Google Docs.
  • Locate the file in your Google Drive by clicking its name in the bottom right corner or by going to Recent from the left menu.
  • Double click the document. Depending on your Drive settings, it might automatically open in Google Docs. If it does, you're all set!
  • If it doesn't, and you just see a preview of the document, click Open with at the top of the screen and choose Google Docs.

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