Share video files with my students?

You can find instructions for how students can share video files with instructors at and they work just as well for instructors. However, you can also create a folder with the proper sharing settings so that it is easy to upload files, grab the sharing link, and link in Moodle.

A friendly reminder, please default to storing as much of the large video files in your Google Drive account as possible at this time.

  • Create a folder in Google Drive to share the files in. Give it a name you will easily remember so that you can come back and share more files in the future.
  • Modify the sharable link settings so that you can share with anyone at Martin Luther College. This will make sharing the files in the folder really easy.
  • Upload your files. Remember, please use Google Drive for any large files (like videos).
  • Select the file and then select the sharable link settings. Copy the link from the resulting menu.
  • Copy and paste that link wherever you'd like to share files with your students (probably Moodle). Remember, if you want your students to be able to stream the video it will take time for Google to process it. However, they are still able to download the video and view it themselves until the process is finished.

That's really it. However, you can watch a helpful video as well to see it in action!

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