Closet Cleaning - Moodle Edition

Information and help guides for the transition to Moodle 4.

The Closet Cleaning Project - Explained

In the computer software world, when a version jumps up by a whole number, it usually indicates a significant update. Such is the case with Moodle 4! This update makes some significant changes to the user interface (UI) of Moodle, meaning it looks different. The same activities and features that we have used and are familiar with are, with few exceptions, still there. But the Moodle page now looks much more modern and is, hopefully, easier to navigate. 

With this significant change, we have decided to start over with a brand new Moodle server. We have used the same server since we first started using Moodle, which has served us well! But it's a bit like cleaning out a closet. You can straighten up what's in there, and it will look better for a while, but if you really want improvement, it's best to take everything out of the closet and start over. So that's what we're doing -- cleaning out Moodle and starting over. 

We'll follow the same steps as you would for cleaning out a closet. It's a big project and will need all our instructors' input. Thank you in advance for your help! 

Preview the Closet (Accessing Moodle 4)

Want to get a head start with Moodle 4? Check out MLC's test server and play around in your sandbox!


New Closet Organization

With a closet clean-out comes a new organization system! We're doing the same with Moodle. Note that this is site-wide organization and does not impact how you organize your specific course.

Current Organization Structure
New Moodle 4 Organization Structure

Sorting Closet Contents

The 4,854 Moodle courses have been divided up by instructor. If you're one of those instructors, you've likely received one of those spreadsheets, and that's why you're reading this page! Please use the information below to sort your portion of the Moodle closet.

Spreadsheet Headings


  1. Status: Each course has a status dropdown menu next to it to indicate what should be done with the course.
    • Delete: (a better term for this would be "archive") Do not bring the course to Moodle 4. You will still have the option to save a copy of the course in your personal files if you wish.
    • Make Master: This is the most recent section of a course and should be used for the master copy.
    • Master Copy: This section is already being used as a master copy. This is only for existing master copies in the Graduate and Continuing Education programs.
    • Transfer: Bring this course/Moodle page to Moodle 4. This is for Moodle pages not connected to courses, like the Transition Seminars from the Deans' offices or PERCA Faculty Resources from the Education Office.
  2. Likely Empty? The course probably doesn't have any content.
    • If all of your courses have content, you will not see this header.
  3. Full Name: The full name of the course as it's listed in the database.
  4. Moodle Link: A direct link to the course in Moodle. 
  5. Original Instructor: The person who was first listed as an instructor for that specific offering of the course. 
    • If all of your courses have you listed as the instructor, you will not see this header.
  6. Notes: Information from Rachel to you about the course section. You can also use this to leave notes to yourself or to Rachel about specific sections.



Your spreadsheet has been pre-sorted for you and some of the course statuses have already been set. Other courses will require you to review the course and make a choice. You may not have all of the sections listed below.

Master Copies

If you already have master copies in your course list, they will appear at the top of the course list. These courses will be transferred to Moodle 4. You can also learn more about master copies here.

Action Needed: Check that your master copy is up to date with the most recent content.

Choose Master Copy

Undergrad courses that do not already have a master copy need to have one created. The master copy will be created and transferred to Moodle 4.

Action Needed: For each course, pick a copy to be made the master copy.


The rest of the courses listed are there for your review. These might include courses that you used to teach but are no longer scheduled, courses from former instructors that are in your subject area, or other courses that Rachel has decided you can perhaps make decisions about. 

Action Needed: For each course, choose what should be done.


That's it! When you're done, please email Rachel and she'll check your name off the list. Thank you for your help!