Faculty-Specific Library Info

Faculty Section of Library Website

More details for faculty are found on the Faculty Information page of the library website.  There you can find information about faculty fine policies, reserves, and more.

If there's something we're missing, please let Linda or Jan know, and we'll add it to the page.


Books put on reserve are available for short-term use in the library.


Library Guides

Library Guides are pages on subject areas or topics that provide more information on using the library.  Guides list databases useful for each subject area, give information on navigating the catalog and library for a subject, link to professional journals and reference sources, and more.

                    Sample Library Guide: Music

You may find it useful to link to a library guide in Moodle to get students to topical resources efficiently.

Guides can be created for a particular course to highlight library resources that would be most useful for students in that course.  If you'd like one created, contact Linda.  It can be customized to fit your needs.

Library guides are linked in the Library Help --> Research Help section of the library website.

                   Screenshot of library guides on MLC library website

Library Help for Students

Please encourage your students to contact a librarian for:

We are happy to help in person, by phone, or by email.  

Library Orientation and Instruction

Many of our students have little to no experience using libraries.  They get a 15-minute tour during first-year orientation, and that is the only consistent, formal library information they receive.  If your assignments require the use of library resources, please contact Linda Kramer to do a general or specific instruction session for your students.  If you do your own instruction on the use of library resources, please let Linda know what you cover so that we present the best information without duplicating efforts.

Linda can also provide informational handouts or create web-based, self-paced tutorials that can be assigned as part of a class or as a standalone module.

Book Purchase Requests

If you come across an interesting book when reading professional journals or catalogs, and you think it would be good for our library to own, please submit a request for purchase.  Requests may be placed in a variety of ways; use what is most convenient for you:

Please let us know if the request needs special handling, e.g. rush status, will be placed on your reserve shelf, if you'd like to be notified when it is ready for checkout.  We accommodate these requests from faculty to the best of our abilities.

Did You Know?

Some of our library collections and services are well-used by some and little-known by others.  Here are a few highlights: