Best Resources for Face-to-Face Learning

  • Have students use the library!  Library anxiety is a real thing for some students.  Some don't know how to find a book on a shelf or how to check out a book.  We can raise our eyebrows and wonder, "How can this be?" but the bottom line is that we need to meet them where they are and help them figure it out.  As I read once, we need to work with the students we have, not the ones we wish we had.
  • Consider an early-college-career assignment that gets them in the library and is easily successful, even if it's as simple as locating a book in the catalog, finding it on the shelf, and checking it out.  Library staff are always ready to help.
  • Be aware of our special spaces, like the music room and curriculum library.  If you don't make it to the library often, come over and take a look at the rearranged spaces, or ask us for a quick tour.  Maybe you'll find something new that will be useful for your teaching.