What Is Discovery?

Discovery is a tool for searching most of our databases at once.  This "one-stop shop" is good for basic research using articles and ebooks.  Instead of searching several databases separately, Discovery searches many at a time and filters out the duplicates.

Hints for using Discovery:

  • Start Discovery searches in the second search box on the library's home page.


  • Use good search terms to narrow your subject.  The comprehensive search can produce overwhelming results if topics are too broad.



  • Use limiters to narrow results.  Limiters are found on the left side of the screen.
    • Publication date
    • Publication
    • Language
    • Scholarly Articles (34-second video below)

  • Benefits and drawbacks of Discovery:
    • Benefits:
      • Good starting point for research
      • One-stop shopping
      • Easy to find full text articles, ebooks, etc.
      • One interface to learn and use
    • Drawbacks:
      • Doesn't include all of our databases
      • Better for beginners than advanced researchers
      • Results can be overwhelming if topics are too broad

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