Moodle Assignments

Asssignment Overview

The assignment activity is how students can turn in a variety of files to be graded. There are a variety of settings that impact how a student can upload files and how the assignment is assessed. Please view the rest of this chapter to learn how assignments function in Moodle.

Chapter Contents

Moodle Docs


Moodle Assignment Settings

When adding a new assignment activity to a Moodle course, there are a variety of settings that impact how the activity looks and functions. These settings can also be adjusted after the assignment is created by turning editing on in the course and choosing Edit settings from the Edit menu to the right of the assignment. Below is an explanation of what the settings do and how they impact the assignment.


Assignment Name


Additional Files


Allow Submissions From

Due Date

Cut-off Date

Remind Me to Grade By

Always Show Description

Submission Types

Submission Types

Maximum Number of Uploaded Files

Accepted File Types

Word Limit

Maximum Number of Uploaded PDFs

Maximum Submission Size

Coversheet to Attach

Coversheet Template

Feedback Types

Feedback Types

Comment Inline

Submission Settings

Require Students to Click the Submit Button

Require that Students Accept the Submission Statement

Attempts Reopened

Group Submission Settings

Students Submit in Groups

Require Group to Make Submission

Require All Group Members Submit

Grouping for Student Groups


Notify Graders About Submissions

Notify Graders About Late Submissions

Default Setting for "Notify Students"



Grading Method

Grade Category

Grade to Pass

Blind Grading

Hide Grader Identity from Students

Use Grading Workflow

Common Module Settings


ID Number

Group Mode


Add Group/Grouping Access Restriction

Restrict Access





User Profile

Restriction Set

Activity Completion

Completion Tracking



Adding Moodle Assignments

  1. Follow the instructions for adding course content.
  2. In step 3, choose Assignment.
  3. Enter the information for the assignment. See the Moodle Assignment Settings page for explanations of the various options.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save and return to course or Save and display.

You can also view this video from Moodle for more information. Please note that the version of Moodle in the video looks slightly different than ours, but the options are the same.

File Submission Types

Instructors can limit the file types that a student is allowed to submit for an assignment. This setting helps instructors ensure that they can open the files that students submit and that students are using the desired file format. 

Commonly Used File Types

Document Files
Presentation Files


Grading Moodle Assignments

Using Feedback Files

When this option is enabled in an assignment, instructors can upload a completed rubric, a document with comments, or some other file to provide feedback to students.

Uploading a Google Doc to a Moodle Assignment

A very useful feature in Moodle Assignments is the ability for students to upload a Google Doc directly into Moodle.  The instructor can have all the documents and grading materials (rubric, grading scale, comment boxes, etc) all on one screen.  The grade is added to the Moodle gradebook automatically.