Setting the Grading Scale

The grading scale is how Moodle translates percentages into letter grades. It is also the scale that is used when exporting grades from Moodle into Portal. The default grading scale can be changed in your course to match the grading scale in your syllabus. Grading scales to transfer with other course material when importing a course from a previous semester, but it is still wise to check this grading scale for accuracy at the beginning of each semester.

Checking the Current Grading Scale
Changing the Course Grading Scale
Default Grading Scale
A   95-100
A- 93-94
B+ 91-92
B 87-90
B- 85-86
C+ 83-84
C 79-82
C- 77-78
D+ 75-76
D 72-74
D- 70-71
F 0-69




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