Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see my course?

For online classes, the Moodle course is typically available a few days before the start of the semester. If you cannot find your Moodle course on your dashboard, there are several things to try.


If none of the above options are successful and your course has either already started or is scheduled to start in the next three days, please contact MLC for help.

Why can't I get into Moodle?

If you are not able to get into Moodle, there are a number of possible reasons. Please read the sections below to troubleshoot the issue.

Local Connection Issues

MLC Connection Issues


If none of the above options describe your situation, please contact MLC for help.

What email address does Moodle use?

Moodle notifications get sent to whatever email address is set in your Moodle profile. By default, that email address is set to your MLC email address. It is encouraged, especially for undergraduates, to keep the email address set to your MLC email address. However, if you would like notifications to be sent to a different email address, you can do so by editing your Moodle Profile

How do I know if my instructor received my assignment?

Typically, instructors will use the Assignment M_Assignment_Icon.pngfeature if you're supposed to turn in a document. If you haven't submitted it yet, it will look like figure 1 below on your course page. Note that the due date will only appear if your instructor has set one.assignment2.png 

After you have submitted the assignment, your view will change to look like figure 2 below. The date in the green box reflects the date that you submitted the assignment. Your instructor will be able to see the date and time that your assignment was submitted. You can edit or resubmit your assignment (if the instructor allows) by clicking the assignment name again. The date will update to reflect the new submission. 


How do I check my grades?

Grades for individual assignments and activities can be viewed either within the assignment/activity itself, or from the grades screen. 

To view your grades from the grade screen:



Why can't I reply to the discussion forum?

Can I use Google Docs?

What is the difference between a discussion forum and an assignment?

How do I contact my instructor?

Who do I ask for Moodle help?

Need help navigating Moodle? Not sure how to turn in an assignment? See below for the different help resources that are available.


Help from Others

If you have questions regarding billing, course registration, or other topics outside of Moodle, please contact the MLC Graduate Studies and Continuing Education Office. 

How do I fill out my course survey?

Graduate and undergraduate courses make use of Portal for feedback surveys. These surveys are used by MLC and individual faculty members to improve our programs and courses. You will receive a notification from your instructor, on your Moodle course page, or on Portal if you have a survey to fill out. 


What do I do if the area to turn in my Google assignment on Moodle is too tiny to click?

Sometimes Google assignments in Moodle have formatting issues resulting in the box where you need to click to attach your assignment being too tiny to click. To fix this issue, try zooming out in your browser. Instructions are linked below for the most popular browsers, although Google assignments works best in Chrome.