Moodle for Students

Tips and instructions for students using Moodle in online and face-to-face courses at MLC.

Moodle Overview

Moodle is the learning management system (LMS) used at Martin Luther College. Graduate, Continuing Education, and other online students will utilize Moodle to access course content, submit assignments, communicate with classmates, view grades, and more. Moodle can also be used in undergraduate and face to face courses at the discretion of the instructor. 

MLC KnightHelp contains documents and instructions for the most commonly used features of Moodle. If you need additional help, please contact your course instructor first. If they are not able to solve the issue, please contact MLC Network Services at


Your Moodle Account

Your Moodle Account

Account Creation

A Moodle account is automatically created for everyone who enrolls at MLC. Account information will be sent to the email address you provided after your registration has been processed. Your Moodle username and password are the same as the username and password used for Portal. Please see the Getting Started page for more information.

Your Moodle Account

Updating Your Profile

Your Moodle Profile allows your classmates and instructors to know more about you. 

Accessing Your Profile Page

User Details

User (Profile) Picture





Mobile App



Your Moodle Account

Setting Your Preferences

Setting your preferences allows you to control a variety of notification and viewing options. Changes made to your preferences will impact every course that you're enrolled in.

Accessing Your Preferences

User Account

Edit Profile
Change Password
Preferred Language
Forum Preferences
Editor Preferences
Course Preferences
Calendar Preferences
Message Preferences
Notification Preferences

Accessing Moodle

Accessing Moodle

Using a Computer

MLC's Moodle site is available from any device with an internet browser and internet connection. If you are using a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) you can access Moodle from the browser or from the Moodle App


Accessing Moodle

Mobile Device

Moodle offers a mobile app that allows students to view course content and complete many course activities from a mobile device. The app is available from Google Play and the Apple Store.


For additional help with the Moodle App, please see this FAQ page.

Navigation and Features

Navigation and Features

Moodle Dashboard

After logging into Moodle, the Dashboard is the first screen that you will see. The dashboard will show all the visible classes that you're currently enrolled in. The dashboard is also customizable so you can quickly access your current courses and other information.

Dashboard Overview

The following is based on the default view of the Dashboard and does not reflect any customizations you might have made.


1. Top Left Toolbar
2. Top Right Toolbar
3. Customize This Page
4. Recently Accessed Courses
5. Course Overview
6. Latest News
7. Timeline
8. Upcoming Events


Customize Your Dashboard

Editing Existing Blocks
Adding New Blocks

Course Cards

The following is what a course card looks like if the Dashboard is set to show Cards. Similar features are available in the List or Summary views.


  1. The name and department of the course. To view the full course name, choose the List or Summary views.
  2. Click here for options to Star or Hide the course. Starred and hidden courses can then be filtered.
  3. If course completion is enabled, this shows the percentage of course activities that you've completed.


Navigation and Features

Course Navigation

After you click on a course in your Moodle Dashboard, you will be taken to the course home page. The content of each course home page will vary depending on how your instructor has designed the course, but the following features are typical of each course.


1. Moodle Toolbar: this toolbar remains the same on any Moodle page. Its features are described on the Moodle Dashboard page.

2. GradCapIcon.pngthe course short name will appear here. You can click here from any course page or activity to return to the course home page.

3. ParticipantsIcon.png: click here to view a list of your classmates and instructor for this course.

4. GradesIcon.png: click here to view your grades for this class. Visit the page on Checking Grades and Feedback for more information about this section.

5. FolderIcon.png: each section in the course will be listed here. Instructors often organize their courses by topic, lesson, or unit.