Changing Expired Passwords

For security reasons, your password is set to expire the first time you log in and then about every 180 or so days. When prompted, change the password immediately, lest it expires and locks you out of the network.

If you get locked out, you will have to go to IT Services, room 293, with your ID card for assistance or you can visit from any other device and retrieve your password using your Personal E-mail address as listed on Portal.


  1. A Confirm… dialog box will appear when your password has expired. Even though it says, Do you want to change your password? and allows a Yes or No, the result of continually saying No is a locked account.
  2. Therefore, choose Yes.
  3. A Change Password window will appear.
  4. Enter a new password. Use a minimum of 5 characters (anything on the keyboard). Use something your friends won’t guess, but you will remember. Previously used passwords cannot be used again.
  5. In the next box retype the new password.
  6. Press Enter or click on OK.
  7. After a short delay, your desktop window should appear.

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