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New Closet Organization

With a closet clean-out comes a new organization system! We're doing the same with Moodle. Note that this is site-wide organization and does not impact how you organize your specific course.

Current Organization Structure
    • Courses are divided into categories based on their subject. For example, all THE courses are created in the Theology category. 
    • Courses are kept indefinitely unless the instructor marks them for deletion.
    • "Official" copies of courses are not indicated at the undergraduate level. 
      • Graduate and Continuing Education courses have been utilizing a "master copy" for organizing for the last two years.
New Moodle 4 Organization Structure
    • Courses are divided into categories based on the semester they are taught and the course level. For example, all undergraduate courses taught in the Spring 2025 semester will be in one category.
    • Courses are kept "live" (active and easily accessible on the Moodle server) for a set number of years based on the course category. This will help us control the number of courses on the Moodle server, which keeps our server speedy!
      • Undergraduate courses: 5 years
      • Graduate courses: 7 years
      • Continuing Education courses: 1 year
        • Please note that these time frames have not been officially decided yet. Courses will be backed up prior to being removed from the active server and can be retrieved if necessary. Instructors will also have the ability to save a local copy of their course.
      • A master copy will be created for each undergraduate course/instructor combination, as has been done at the Graduate level. This master copy facilitates sharing content between instructors while keeping student data private. It also makes it easier to keep tabs on the most recent version of a course.