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The Closet Cleaning Project - Explained

In the computer software world, when a version jumps up by a whole number, it usually indicates a significant update. Such is the case with Moodle 4! This update makes some significant changes to the user interface (UI) of Moodle, meaning it looks different. The same activities and features that we have used and are familiar with are, with few exceptions, still there. But the Moodle page now looks much more modern and is, hopefully, easier to navigate. 

With this significant change, we have decided to start over with a brand new Moodle server. We have used the same server since we first started using Moodle, which has served us well! But it's a bit like cleaning out a closet. You can straighten up what's in there, and it will look better for a while, but if you really want improvement, it's best to take everything out of the closet and start over. So that's what we're doing -- cleaning out Moodle and starting over. 

We'll follow the same steps as you would for cleaning out a closet. It's a big project and will need all our instructors' input. Thank you in advance for your help!