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Logging onto the Network

  1. Turn on the computer. If the computer and monitor are on but the screen is blank, wiggle the mouse to bring the computer out of “sleep” mode or try turning the monitor off and on again.
  2. Wait while the operating system loads. (You might have to click the mouse for a Log on box to appear.)
  3. In the Username box, type your login username. You should have already retrieved your username this summer when setting up your course schedule on campus. This username does not include
  4. Tab to or click in the Password box.
  5. Type in your network password. If you logged into the Portal previously, use the password you created at that time.
  6. Press the Enter key or click the arrow button.
  7. If you encounter problems during login, contact IT Services, room 293, (507) 233-9100, or, for assistance.
  8. When you log in, your password might be expired. See these instructions for changing your expired password.