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Password Help

MLC Accounts

At MLC you have two primary accounts to keep track of your MLC Account and your MLC Google Worksp...

Dorm Networking

Network Services Networking

Residential students have a number of options for connecting their devices to the campus-wide net...

Remote Working Introduction

COVID-19 Remote Working

In response to COVID-19 and the continued restrictions on campus, Network Services has put togeth...

Share video files with my students?

Academic Support Resources How Do I?

You can find instructions for how students can share video files with instructors at https://help...

Getting Help and Support

Archived Information

Please use any or all of the following methods to reach out to your friendly and encouraging tech...

Work Orders

Environmental Services

You can submit work orders for Environmental Services online. Due to some changes rolled out by ...

Laundry Facilities

Student Life

The laundry facilities on campus are free to use by all student currently living on campus. Each ...

Known Issues

Network Services Networking

This page will contain known issues that students, faculty, and staff have run into with connecti...

Wireless Networks

Network Services Networking

Martin Luther College maintains three wireless networks throughout the main campus and the Early ...

MLC Student-Owned Devices Policy

Network Services Policies & Guidelines

Students at MLC are expected to have a student-owned computing device available for use in class....

Getting Started

MLC Accounts

As a student, you will have access to private web pages on the MLC Portal through your personal M...

Acceptable Use Policy

Network Services Policies & Guidelines

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) document, including the following list of Prohibited Activities,...

Copyright Infringement

Network Services Policies & Guidelines

As required by law, Martin Luther College (MLC) is notifying all students of the copyright law co...

Spyware & Malware

Network Services Services

Malware is the single largest source of problems for students (and faculty!) who bring their mach...

Purchasing Software

Network Services Services

Instructions Students, faculty and staff at Martin Luther College have the opportunity to purcha...

Micro Focus Filr

Network Services Services

Micro Focus Filr is a service offered by MLC Network Services to give students, faculty, and staf...


Network Services Printing

Here are some simple things to check if printing is not working as you would expect or hope. ...

Print Credit

Network Services Printing

MLC uses PaperCut to handle the print credit and print resource reporting. Logging Into Your Pap...

Printing Overview

Network Services Printing

The purpose of this page is to give a “10,000 foot” overview of how printing works on campus. Thi...

Connecting to the VPN

COVID-19 Remote Working

Some of your work will require you to connect to the Martin Luther College network here on campus...