About your phone

Grandstream GXP2130


  1. Line keys
    • We have 2 line keys, you can have 2 separate conversations of which one is on hold
  2. Soft keys
    • depending on what you are doing, different menus will appear on these soft keys
  3. Menu/OK key
    • Unordered List Item displays menu of information such as call history, status, contacts, etc.
  4. Speaker
    • Allows switching between handset and speaker
  5. Volume
    • Volume control for speaker and handset
  6. Send
    • Place call after dialing number
  7. Message Waiting
    • Flashes red when there is a new voicemail
  8. Message
    • Dials your voicemail box
  9. Contacts
    • Displays your phone books. The¬†LDAP¬†Directory has the MLC extensions preprogrammed
  10. Hold
    • Places a call on hold
  11. Navigation keys
    • Navigate through menu options
  12. Transfer
    • Transfer call to another number or parking lot
  13. Conference
    • Use to create a 3-way conference
  14. Headset
    • Switch to headset if connected
  15. Mute
    • Mute your speaker, handset or headset
    • If pressed when you are not in a call, this places your phone in the 'do not disturb' mode and sends all call immediately to voicemail
  16. Multi-Purpose keys
    • These keys have been preprogrammed as call appearance buttons or busy lamp field (BLF) for office groups allowing you to pick up calls for each other. They are unprogrammed for indidividuals.
    • On classroom phones they have been pre-programmed as speed dial buttons for IT Services, HR, Nurse, etc.