Internal extension information

Faculty and staff have 3 digit extensions in the range 100-399. You can use the LDAP Directory on the phone to search for extensions of faculty and staff, or use the phone link on portal

  • Note - To leave a voicemail for faculty or staff, without ringing their phone, dial * then their extension. i.e. *XXX

Classrooms are all 4 digit extensions:

  • On campus classrooms begin with the digit 4 followed by the room number i.e. 4XXX. For example to call WCC287, dial 4287
  • ECLC classrooms begin with the digit 5 followed by the room number i.e. 5XXX

Local Calls

Calls to the exchanges below are considered to be local. All phones are allowed to place local calls. To place a local call dial 9 followed by the 7 digit number. (9 XXX XXXX)

  • 217, 228, 233, 240, 276, 354, 359, 404, 441, 543, 601, 766

Long Distance Calls

Long distance calls are only allowed on faculty and staff phones. Phones in common areas or classrooms cannot place long distance calls. No long distance access codes are needed. To place a long distance call dial 9 then 1 followed by the area code and 7 digit number. (9 1 XXX XXX XXXX)