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Feature Codes

Managing Call Forwarding Feature Codes

A phone user can dial feature codes in conjunction with forwarding numbers to turn call forwarding on or off for different conditions. Forwarding numbers can be local extensions or remote phone numbers.

Code Action
*72 Activate call forward ALL - extension will not ring, call is immediately forwarded. If the call is not answered, voicemail is handled by the forwarding number i.e. cell phone voicemail
*73 Deactivate call forward ALL
*90 Activate call forward BUSY - call is forwarded if the line is busy
*91 Deactivate call forward BUSY
*52 Activate call forward NO ANSWER -extension will ring 3 times, then call is forwarded for 3 rings. If call is not answered, voicemail for the extension is engaged.
*53 Deactivate call forward NO ANSWER

Voice Mail

Voicemail can also be accessed by pressing the key with the envelope on your phone.

Code Action
*97 Access voicemail from your extension.
*98 Access voicemail from selected extension. Allows you to access your voicemail, or someone else's from any extension

Managing Do Not Disturb

This feature can also be toggled by pressing the mute button.

Code Action
*78 DND Activate
*79 DND Deactivate
*76 DND Toggle

Managing Call Recording

Code Action
*1 Toggle In-Call Recording

Information Services

Code Action
*69 Call trace
*65 Speak your extension
*60 Speaking clock

Speed Dial Programming

You can program multiple speed dial numbers on your phone. When prompted, enter the speed dial location, followed by the telephone number

Code Action
*75 Set up the speed dial location and number
*0X or *0XX Access and dial the number stored in location X or XX, etc