Transfering Calls

When in an active call…

  1. Press the transfer button or the soft key labeled Transfer on the display
  2. Dial the extension number of the receiving party. (Note: dial * then the extension to send the caller directly to voicemail)
  3. Choose between the soft keys BlindTrnf (blind transfer) or AttTrnf (attended transfer)
  4. If BlindTrnf was selected, the call was transferred and you may hang up
  5. If AttTrnf was selected, the caller is placed on hold while you call the extension. Use this in a situation where you want to screen callers. If the person does not answer, press Cancel then Resume on the soft key label to be connected back with the caller. If the person does answer, press the Transfer soft key to complete the transfer, or the Split soft key to go back to the caller when the transfer is refused.