Why can't I see my course?

For online classes, the Moodle course is typically available a few days before the start of the semester. If you cannot find your Moodle course on your dashboard, there are several things to try.

  • Check your student schedule on Portal to make sure you are enrolled in the course.
  • Check the filter setting on your dashboard and make sure it is set to all (except hidden).
  • Adjust the number of courses being shown on your course overview or navigate to the next page(s) of your course list if applicable.
  • Check for hidden courses by changing the filter setting on your dashboard.
  • If the course has not yet started, check your email (personal and MLC mail) for information from your instructor about when the course will be open.
  • Contact your instructor for information about when the course will be open. Instructor email addresses are available in the MLC Faculty Directory.


If none of the above options are successful and your course has either already started or is scheduled to start in the next three days, please contact MLC for help.