Activity Types

Activities are things that you want the students to do in your online classroom. Unlike Resources, which are how instructors giving information to students, Activities are typically students giving information/feedback/etc. to the instructor.

The activities below are available to all instructors. Some activity blocks, like EdPuzzle or Perusall, are dependent on the resources used in your course. 



Allows students to turn in digital assignments, like documents, images, or media. 


Big Blue Button

An online video conferencing option to support synchronous classroom activities. You can watch the training on how to use BBB at MLC here.



Allows for synchronous text-based chatting within the online classroom.



Posts a single multiple-choice question for students to answer.



The instructor creates a database framework that students can add entries to.



Allows linking of EdPuzzle activities from the EdPuzzle website. 


External Tool

Used with some external websites and curricular tools. This is also how you can use Google Assignments in Moodle.



A way to collect student feedback on a lesson or other learning experience.



Supports asynchronous discussions among students and instructor. Forums can include text, audio, video, and other media.



Students can collaborate on a list of definitions or other resources. 



Used to create interactive activities and resources, including flashcards and interactive videos.



A combination of content and assessments that can be differentiated and graded.


Pearson MyLab & Mastering Link

Used with some textbooks from Pearson Publishing.



A social annotation tool that can be used with a variety of documents and open educational resources. A cost may be involved depending on the resource being used.



Create a quiz or test with a variety of question types. Objective questions can be automatically graded by Moodle. 


SCORM Package

Used with SCORM learning objects.



Choose from a pre-defined list of surveys related to student reaction to learning. 



Build a class wiki.



Facilitate peer review of documents.