Finding a Course

Courses in Moodle can be found on your Moodle Dashboard and on the Site Home page. Use the following tips to quickly find the course you're looking for.

  • You can save your frequently used courses to the Starred Courses section of your dashboard by starring them. This will add them to the very top section of your dashboard. Courses can be starred and unstarred as the semesters change.
  • The Recently accessed courses section of your dashboard automatically populates with the courses you use most often. You can use the arrows at the top right of the section to see additional courses.
  • The Course Overview section shows all the courses that you're enrolled in as an instructor or student. Make sure the filter in the top left corner is set to All if you're looking for a course you've not accessed previously. There are arrows in the bottom right corner of this section to see all the pages.
  • If you click Site Home from the menu on the left side of the page, there's a search bar that can be used to find courses that, for whatever reason, are not appearing on your Dashboard. The course number (i.e. EDT0001) is the most efficient search term for locating a course.