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Resource Types

Resources are how you give students access to information on your Moodle course page. You can also use resources to add organizational and visual elements to your Moodle course page. The resource options below are available to all instructors. 



Create multi-page resources organized like a book in chapters, subchapters, and pages. Book pages can contain both text and media elements.



Allows you to add a file, like a PDF, slide presentation, or Word document, from your computer to the course page for students to download, view, and edit. Students will need the appropriate software to work with the file. 



Used when you want to add several files to a course page that can be grouped together. Using a folder instead of listing the files on your course page takes up less visual space and reduces scrolling on the course page.


IMS Content Package

Sometimes used for content that comes from a textbook publisher.



Used to add words, images, or videos to your main course page. A label can be as simple as a line to visually separate course page elements. 



Creates a separate page for content, which can include text, media, and links. Often used for lesson guides. 



Inserts a link to an external website on your course page. This can also be used to share access to Google documents.