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Using Master Copies

Master Copies of courses are used in both the undergraduate and graduate programs to help keep track of the most current course content and also facilitate sharing content without compromising student data. They are similar to a backline master used to make worksheet copies, except for a whole course. The following information will help you successfully navigate and work with your course master copy.

  • You should have one master copy for each course you teach and each way that you teach it. For example, someone might teach EDU0001 during a regular semester and also online during a summer semester. Each of those courses will have a unique master copy.
  • Master copies should be updated prior to the semester starting, with the exception of due dates. Currently, due dates do not transfer well and should be changed after the course import.
  • Master copies are not linked to semester copies, so changes that get made do not get transferred automatically. You can make needed updates throughout the semester or if significant changes have been made that you'd like to retain, fill out this form so the support team can assist.
  • Master copies will never be removed, while semester copies will be regularly removed after a set period of time.
  • If you need to share your course with another instructor for review, collaboration, or other purposes, please share the master copy. This protects student data.