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Permanently Deleting Old Courses

Most online instructors do not want to delete a course site right after they have taught it since they might want to refer back to it the next time they teach the course. However, after teaching a course several times, several previous course sites will have accumulated, and it is appreciated if you mark the oldest ones for deletion.

    • Access your course in Moodle.
    • Select Edit settings from the gear icon in the upper-right (or the Administration block if available) to open the Edit Course Settings window.
    • In the Course full name box, add the word Delete in front of the course number so Delete is the first thing in the box.   
      • i.e. Delete EDT1001 01: Digital Literacy (201617 2)
    • Scroll to the bottom and select Save and display

Rachel Feld will periodically search in Moodle for courses that begin with the word Delete and will permanently delete them from Moodle. You can also email Rachel and let her know you've marked some courses for deletion so that they're removed more quickly.

Caution: Once a course is deleted, it is erased and cannot be retrieved.