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Course Organization Tips

Having an organized Moodle course site can go a long way in helping students succeed in online learning. Some things to consider:

  • Use sections to organize your course in Moodle rather than having one long list. Think of these sections like file folders -- all the materials for one lesson (or week, depending on how you're organizing your course) should go in a section. 
  • Number your assignments to help students locate them and keep track of what they've done. Then, if there are handouts, direction pages, or other parts that go with an assignment, label them similarly. For example, in week 1, you might have assignment 1.1 that goes with handout 1.1a. 
  • Put due dates at the end of the assignment name in Moodle so students can quickly see what's due each day without having to open everything.
  • Create a checklist of what students are expected to do for each lesson or week.
  • Add a discussion forum for questions to your class for students to post questions in. This will help reduce your email volume, let students check for questions that have already been asked, and let students answer each other's questions. 
  • If you have lots of files, consider setting up folders to hold related files.